"Photographers tend not to photograph what they can't see, which is the very reason one should try to attempt it. Otherwise we're going to go on forever just photographing more faces and more rooms and more places. Photography has to transcend description. It has to go beyond description to bring insight into the subject, or reveal the subject, not as it looks, but how does it feel?"
- Duane Michals

"Any photographer who says he's not a voyeur is either stupid or a liar."
- Helmut Newton

"Being in the nude isn't a disgrace unless you're being promiscuous about it. After all, when God created Adam and Eve, they were stark naked. And in the Garden of Eden, God was probably naked as a jaybird too!"
- Bettie Page

"Art either mirrors emotion or triggers it ... great art does both."
- ?? Not me

The above quotes combined articulate my feelings about photography.


My name is Tim Morehead and I am a photographer.

I am a self taught photographer. Until recently it has been satisfaction enough to create images solely for myself (photography keeps me from hating life). I am now looking to share my vision with others and I am currently seeking representation.

Many people ask me to interpret my images, they ask me to explain what I am trying to say through a particular photo. Other people make a lot of assumptions and they tell me what I am trying to say through my images (I laugh at these people). Me... I do not qualify, explain, understand or even pretend to understand most of the photos that I make. If an image enters my head, that alone is reason enough to create it - I have no need to understand what it means.

It has been said that my portfolio looks as if it has been shot by many different photographers - it has, but they are all me. Life is fluid, every day I am gradually changing and as I change the way that I see and interpret subjects also change. As a photographer, I struggled with myself for many years thinking that I needed a defining style but I have long since let that pass.

I very seldom make a photograph that doesn't have a person in it. People interest me, real people interest me immensely. With all of my images I try to show the spirit that resides in each and every living person. Some times it may not be easy to look at, it my be anguish and pain. Sometimes it is so light hearted or humorous that you can't help but smile.

If you ever have the opportunity to watch me shoot you will notice that some days I am boisterous and animated while other days I may be very quiet and reserved. Some days it is like I am a maestro conducting a symphony orchestra and other days it is like I am a musician that plays music by ear. I let the situation tell me how it should be handled.

Many photographers may disagree with me, and even though I do strive to be technically correct, I do not believe that technical proficiency is always an important factor in a photograph. I would rather capture the mystery, emotion and beauty of the moment. In my most recent work, I try to represent the two opposing elements in all of us -- the light and the dark, the good and the evil, triumph and tragedy, strength and weakness. These two opposing elements are not always in equal measure. The two elements may not even be immediately apparent to the viewer. However, the tension created by the two factors creates a contrast and always enhances the beauty of the work.

Photography for me is spiritual, it is my passion, I need to create and it is my outlet.

I am also a wedding photographer. To view my wedding site click this link - Heirloom Weddings